Designers Who Are better Than Me

It’s with much sadness that I bid farewell to Sarah Cain from the employ of Martins. Since I started at Martins just over two years ago, she has been a reassuring and friendly work colleague, especially helpful during my early days there and my adjustment from a 4 person small design firm to the large environs at Martins. She’s an excellent designer to boot as well, taking and tackling every project with professionalism and aplomb, it’s no surprise when the time comes around to work out which pieces will be sent off to various design awards, her work is prominent in the selection. I’ll miss being able to pop my head over the partition to chat to her, her laughing at all my jokes (I appreciate the attempt, 95% usually aren’t that funny) and I’ll sure as hell miss having someone around who is at least within the ballpark of my age. Sarah is moving on to work with the fine folk at Slippery Fish, I look forward in the coming months to seeing some of the design pieces she produces at her new workplace. So my best wishes go with Sarah – as long as she remains happy with her design, that’s the main thing!