Recent Surfing Highlights 4

Do you really need a professional designer to design your logo? Maybe this article will convince you.

Interesting British design blog 30gms. Love the article on Peter Saville’s CMYK garden.

The Audreys fab new album ‘Between Last Night And Us’ gets reviewed by The Age newspaper here. Expect my own review here soon under Judging Albums By Their Cover.

A very large kitty. File under ‘Your cat wants to win The Biggest Loser.’

1 thought on “Recent Surfing Highlights 4

  1. CPC

    A couple of my recent surfing highlights for your viewing pleasure… couple of English lads, one used to work for Fabio Ongarto (Melb), some really nice work… Side scroll stinks a bit though.http://www.bibliothequedesign.comA couple of cool english kids, one is ex Farrow design the other ex North Design… Shit hot work here, I especially like the branding for Moving Brands… I mean they must be good if a brand comm. company is commissioning them to re-brand them… I just wish their name was easier to pronounce.

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