Finding Great Australian Designed Album Covers

Some great Australian album cover design examples – some even taken from that Australian Creative article I had a dig at I must admit! Please comment if you can suggest any other examples.

Mark Gowing designs covers for artists on his own Preservation Music as well as other Australian acts such as Big Heavy stuff. It looks like he was very influenced by the likes of the ECM label and the work Kim Hiorthoy has produced for the label Rune Grammofon. A nice clean style.

Jonathan Zawada has a very annoying website (it only displays certain pieces of work at certain times of the day) but a very individual design touch for someone in his mid twenties. Try here to read an interview with him and some examples of his work.

The Sopp Collective are an example of the great design work coming out of local electronica labels. A beautiful lyrical and individual approach.

I’m not sure who design the covers for Adelaide electronica label Surgery Records, but their stylistic similarity suggests it’s the same person or studio. At any rate, the covers are excellent, nice to see such beautiful work coming out of my hometown.

Jazz music has always provided a welcome home for great album cover artwork from those 50’s Bluenote covers to the likes of covers produced by labels Verve and the above mentioned ECM. Australian Jazz label Jazzhead follow a similar flavour with their cover artwork in a staggeringly consistent, yet creative and interesting design style to their releases.

Modular have made quite a name for themselves locally as a label that consistently releases albums that capture the imagination of the public, from the likes of Wolfmother and Rocket Science. This success is echoed in some very consistently well designed album covers, the website is excellent as well.