Recent Work

A just completed re-design for local Adelaide folk outfit The Barkers by ‘yours truly’. This album was originally released a few years back, the recording & production has been cleaned up a bit and repackaged in preparation fro the band’s resumption of live shows. It’s a great album for those who love the Celtic, folk stylings of artists such as The Pogues, The Chieftains & Van Morrison.

I’ve got 3 copies of this CD to give away. Just shoot me an email (you’ll find it within my profile) with your address details and subject it ‘Barkers CD’

You can also purchase the album online at Earshot Music, a great little local operation that sells Adelaide artists albums online. You can listen to song excerpts and also see a few more covers I’ve done (and are for sale) from Round Records on the site.

3 thoughts on “Recent Work

  1. Wendell Penedo

    I love this one…modern, yet classic…The collage style works very well!Where can I see more of your work?looks great, keep it up!

  2. Jo Spargo

    Hi Chris, this is a very nice collage – I would be very wary of the Scrapbooking fraternity stealing this for themselves though. Did you do this digitally?

  3. Chris Bowden

    It does look a bit ‘scrap-booky’ unfortunately I didn’t have any pieces of material from my bridesmaid’s dresses to stick on to really nail that look. Each bit was photographed or scanned and put together electronically – there were three others in the series which were placed on the inside of the CD booklet

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