Designers Who Are Better Than Me

Grant Jorgensen has been running his studio Jorgensen Design in Adelaide since 1983. His style of design is very distinctive, idea based modernist styling that has avoided the popular modern trends graphic design in favour of a very individual visual style.

Any alumni of the University of South Australia’s Bachelor of Visual Communication course will no doubt recognize the influence of Lecturer and AGDA Hall-Of-Fame Designer Lyndon Whaite. Anyone studying under Lyndon would have been reminded (probably repeatedly) about how studious and committed a design student Grant Jorgensen was. If that sounds intimidating enough, my former employer actually studied with Grant and was faced with that comparison on a daily basis.

Jorgensen Design’s attention to detail has become legend amongst the design studios and print shops of Adelaide. A look through his online portfolio at his website demonstrates why. The work spans over 20 years of his professional life and even includes some work produced as a student, it all seems fresh and inspiring as if it were produced last week, a nod to the fact that good design and solid ideas will transcend the fads and whims of the passing years.

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