Designers Who Are Better Than Me

Who couldn’t love a design studio named after Homer Simpson’s workplace area at the Springfield Nuclear Plant? Sector7g is run by principal Nicholas Eldridge who is fortunately somewhat more adept at his work responsibilities than above mentioned cartoon icon. I was actually kind of surprised to find an updated website for Sector7g having thought it had been encapsulated into design triumvirate Metascope, Nic is still listed as a principal there though the site hasn’t been updated in a while, either they’ve split or he’s just being ‘Mr Overachiever’ with two design companies. In any case, the work up on the Sector7g site is excellent and inspiring, makes me wonder why you don’t see his name mentioned in a few more design competitions. The website has an interesting interface as well, allowing you to detatch the portfolio pics and move them anywhere in the space. You’ll need to ‘shuffle’ the folio a few times to view all of the work on offer, well worth it to see some more excellent Adelaide design pieces.