Music Video Clip Highlights

30gms is a new design blog that I frequent quite often, created by London design firm Fibre. I’ve posted some links from them before, they always have interesting design and non-design snippets to impart upon the masses. Want to know what’s on Kurt Cobain’s Ipod at the moment? Find out here! For me, it’s been a great source for discovering visually stunning music video clips (I’m getting too old to sit up to 3am in the morning watching ‘Rage’). The following are some that have caught my eye.

This film clip for Black Tambourine by Beck has been around for a while. Produced by Associates In Science, this ASCII art extravaganza is a typography lover’s wet dream (probably for programmers as well). It’s a fantastic song as well.

A stunning Australia clip for the band The Presets. Produced by Kris Moyes, it’s a tour-de-force in experimental animation and film-making techniques with a decidedly ‘1980s’ feel.

The antics of the lead singer of the Vines do more to interest me in them than their music ever has (read Karlsson Wilker’s book ‘Tellmewhy’ for some interesting insights into his mania). This music clip produced in ‘claymation’ by Michael Gondry’s brother Oliver manages to be both cool and sort of creepy.