Designers Who Are Better Than Me

Fusion are a well known and respected Adelaide design firm, who for the past ten years have been mostly working in the fields of multimedia and online design solutions. They started out as the proverbial two blokes working out of a back room and have grown into one of Adelaide’s largest and most awarded design companies.

While they already had an impressive print design division under the helm of David Zhu, recently this arm of the company has grown with the appointment of my former workmate, Chris Cooper, and a merger with local outfit Do-Da (covered in a previous ‘Designers Who Are Better Than Me’ article). Some nice work has been coming out of here, they picked up a couple of gongs at the latest Adelaide Art Director’s Awards, and have been receiving a lot of attention for a series of beautiful glass murals they designed in conjunction with designer/artist Gerry Wedd for the new Adelaide Airport Terminal.

The Fusion website demonstrates a lot of interesting website solutions for a variety of clients if you’re into that sort of thing. The actual interface of their site isn’t all that exciting, I guess it’s a ‘let the work speak for itself’ sort of thing. A pity considering the wealth of talent they have on hand.