Designers Who Are Better Than Me

In case you’ve been thinking I’ve given up on looking at the local design scence, what with me swanning around world, think again as I delve into the creative cauldron of Adelaide to pick out another fine design studio to bring to your attention. Detour. are a design firm I’ve been meaning to present here for a while, I thought they actually didn’t have a website, in fact they’ve probably had one for a while, while I was looking for the company name followed by a, they were there all along hiding under a! Detour have been in business for what must be going on for 14 or so years now, which is a lifetime in the competitive design market of Adelaide. The studio is run by Catherine Bell and Abra Remphrey, Abra is of course, married to Parrallax head honcho Matt Remphrey – with that sort of design influence, their daughter is going to turn out to be the next Sagmeister or perhaps she’ll be overwhelmed by all that designy-ness in her life and opt for a career in something more lucrative like real estate or blogging. Anyways, the Detour site has an interesting and easy to navigate interface made up of a grid of coloured boxes that you click on to reveal the studios work. Some nice work there is too, highlights being some great labels for Hazyblur and Oldfellows wineries, The Banksia Pallative Care Annual report and a really beautiful and appropriate package design for Lanapelle wool rugs for infants. Detour are a part of the pack of Adelaide design firms that stormed into the Australian Graphic Design Awards this year to pick some well deserved gongs, so spend some time and take a look.