Recent Surfing Highlights 10

Thinking of some time away in the snow in the new year? If you’re a designer, you might want to consider one of these, an enlarged print dots ski jacket (click on Half Life pic to see larger). Now if I could only find the time to learn to ski.

It’s that time of year to traumitise your kids by sitting them on a fat stranger’s knee for the promise of gifts. Relive those memories at the gallery of kids scared of Santa.

Looking to knit something for a loved one this Christmas? You can’t go wrong with these ideas from the museum of kitschy stitches.

The top movie posters for 2006 by someone with some taste. Volver and The illusionist posters only spoiled by particular choice of actors.

Pitchforkmedia have picked their worst album covers of 2006. Mostly, I agree (though I don’t mind the Sleepy Jackson cover) Pearljam and The Chilli Peppers should know better though.

1 thought on “Recent Surfing Highlights 10

  1. Jo Spargo

    The scariest thing (and the laugh out loud funniest thing) is a knitted balaklava of a girls head. These gimpish horrors of knitting really had me rofl and as a consequence, had to share.

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