Recent Surfing Highlights 13

Welcome to 2008! Some more links of recent note that I’ve tracked down so you don’t have to.

Pitchfork media in their ‘oh so clever-er than you manner’ have listed their 20 worst album cover of 2007. I actually really like the ‘Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!’ cover, so what do I know!

I’m a huge fan of hand drawn type, the forthcoming film Juno has a beautiful hand drawn title sequence by Shadowplay Studio. By all reports, the film sounds like it will be pretty good as well, if you’re into that whole Napoleon Dynamite feel in your movie watching.

I guess it’s that time of year if you’re into making New Years reolutions (though I guess most people have already broken theirs by now). Jim Hargreaves has set out his own set of design resolutions for the year on his blog, so good luck with that I guess.

In the why didn’t I think of that? department name your design studio after you’re favourite band, though in my case, ‘Starland Vocal Band Design’ doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

Soon to find their way onto my business card, pithy design quotes.

My business card is a ball of putty. I know some people who think of me that way!

Thw worst of Perth is a fantastic site that points out just that, I’m especially loving their graphic design section.

James Jean is the kind of illustrator I dreamed of being while I was growing up (a work still in progress). Check out his fantastic illustration skills and weep.

I loves me some work from local animation gurus The Peoples Republic of Animation checkout their fab Mitsubishi Lancer commercial here.