Monthly Archives: March 2008

AGDA Website

AGDA are about to launch a much needed website refresh, you can see the ‘just about ready to relauch’ site here. In other AGDA news, looks like the AGDA Awards are set to be hosted in little old Adelaide this year, might even be worth me considering joing up again.

Design Studio Debaser

Frequent visitors to my blog will know of my unabiding love for album cover design. One of the best design studios in Australia specialising in that, is Debaser who have just updated their website with some snazzy new work and a new look. Looking through their portfolio you’ll notice the covers for some of Australian musics best known albums of recent years, as well as some really fine work for artists that you might not be so familiar with. Congratulations to the guys as well for picking up the ARIA for best cover design for Powderfingers ‘Dream Days at the Hotel Existence’, they also won the previous year’s award for Powderfinger lead singer Bernard Fanning’s ‘Tea & Sympathy’ abum artwork.

Womadelaide 2008

Looking to re-ignite that fading creative spark, here some new and different sounds, or just relax to the sombre tones of a world of music? Then do yourself the proverbial favour this weekend if you’re in Adelaide and get down to Botanic Park to soak in the atmosphere of the always fantastic and eye-opening Womadelaide World Music Festival. I’ve been every year since it’s inception and it’s never failed to enlighten my (sometimes) diminished creative soul with something either really different or really beautiful. Some of my favourite moments have been sitting under a tree at Womad and soaking in the sounds and atmosphere of this event (and it is an event in the true sense of the world). True to form, Adelaide always turns on the hot weather for Womad, but don’t let that stop you from getting down there. Even if you have no interest in world music, it’s worth it just to watch some hippie ‘tree dancers’ strut their stuff, it’s also very kid friendly and my (future) father-in-law gives a big thumbs up to the coffee and pancakes on sale 🙂 Also worth checking out is the Womadelaide Website to not only get a run down on this years event, but check the archives for past years’ line-ups, including my ‘dream-team’ lineup and all time favourite poster from 1995! As you can also see from above, nice poster this time around as well!

Illustrator Fontaine Anderson

Adelaide Designer/Illustrator Fontaine Anderson has a new website to display her stunning work. I really like the ink and soft pastel/limited colour palette she incorporates into her work, there’s a sort of 1960s – 70s aesthetic gotting on there as well, just not as kitsch as that sounds. As you look through the gallery of her work, she’s quite versatile as well, demonstrating some nice full colour paintings and even logo designs, be sure to check out her sketchbook section as well. I believe she is currently working at Adelaide design firm Designcentric, a good place to check out more of her work.