The Rundle Lantern

The city of Adelaide (much to many residents shame) isn’t really renowned for it it’s architectural excellence or forward looking development projects – ‘change’ and ‘progress’ seem to be dirty words to the powers that be around these parts – it’s surprising then that the following project has made it through to approval. The Rundle Lantern will be contructed from 748 square panels, each with a LED light system on it, on the corner of Rundle and Pultney streets, where on the moment stands the fascade of a particularly ugly parking station. The piece was conceived by local design firm Fusion as a cultural canvas to showcase colourful interactive and moving imagery at night and as a unique art form during the day. Fusion were the only non-architectural firm to pitch, their concept requires no major re-building, landscaping or form. Beautiful in it’s simplicity, Fusion states “our vision was to add beauty to people’s lives without affecting the environment, to work with current structures, and to put Adelaide on the global map. If the concept picture is anything to go by, mission accomplished. The Rundle Lantern should go into operation later this year. You can read more about it and Fusion’s other great projects here.

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  1. Jo Spargo

    I have been watching the construction with interest.I wonder what you have to do to get an image on there?Also it would be nice to add your blog to my feeds, if you ever get around to putting an RSS on it.CheersJo 🙂PS Countdown to Watchmen!I’m such a pleb!

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