AGDA Awards Show in New York

I’ve just gotten back from a trip to New York and apart from my usual drop-in to see designers of note, the city was also hosting an exhibition of the 2008 Australian Graphic Design Awards at the AIGA headquarters. I’ve made a flickr set of the exhibition that you can view here. They were taken after a long hike down Broadway to reach the building on a particular snowy morning. Please forgive also the less than sterling photography, the interior was less than perfect for photography and I was trying to get as many shots off as I could before getting in trouble over the AIGAs ‘no photography’ policy! 🙂 Obviously, all work is © of the respective creators. It’s a pity that the AIGA chose to hold the exhibition at the same time as their own annual design show, (pictures of which I’ll post shortly). The AIGA show was in the main area downstairs while the AGDA show was relegated to the upstairs mezzanine area – I saw quite a few people come in and peruse the AIGA show but few (if any) venture upstairs to look at the AGDA show, even though the work therein outweighed a lot of the AIGA pieces in creativity and quality (in this humble authors opinion!) Some good signage directing people to what was upstairs would have been a start!