Designers Who Are Better Than Me

It’s great to come across a familiar name in a previously unknown incarnation, such iwas the case when I stumbled upon the website of Adelaide design shop Sage, the current guise of graphic designer Damian Hamilton. I remember Damian working at Adelaide design firm Ian Kidd Design (now KSD) and that pedigree is certainly evident in some very well produced wine labels on display in his folio. I was particularly impressed with his design for ‘Just Add Wine’s’ Emu Bay label, some really beautiful hand drawn typography. Also on display in the folio is work that Damian produced while living and working in the UK for some impressive clients including Knight Frank, Pantene and Virgin Books. His current work covers a broad selection of disciplines, including art direction for fashion icon Jimmy Choo. It’s also nice to see there’s a bit of a sense of humour at play in the design of some of his own promotional items.