Monthly Archives: November 2009


Re:collection is an inventory of Australian graphic design produced in a period circa 1960–1980, that has been set up by Dominic Hofstede of Melbourne design firm Hofstede.The project was borne out of frustration at the lack of Australian graphic design reference material available, specifically from the decades mentioned above. While there’s not much up on the site yet, the samples that are there so far are excellent and will obviously grow, as there is a wealth of material to mine. Surely the time has come for a printed compendium as such work to be published? The above example is by Brian Sadgrove.

Type it write Vol. 2

Adelaide design firm Voice have released a second edition of their reference guide to punctuation ‘Type it write’. This edition introduces additional topics in acronyms, emphasis and italics and places more emphasis on examples. While there are many similar reference guides around, few are as concise, easy to use and specifically geared towards the designer. As an added bonus, and typical of all the work produced by Voice, it is beautifully designed as well. From professionals to students just starting out, I advice investing in your own copy of this handy reference if you’re planning on setting type (or even consider purchasing a copy for your clients to save them and yourself time on cleaning up punctuation and type inconsistencies 🙂 Voice have also updated their site with some great projects on display since I last looked. Love the work for Back label Wines.

Sector 7g Updates

I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of my favourite local design firms, sector7G, headed by Nic Eldridge, has updated the look and content of their website. It features and interesting ‘side scrolling’ interface that I haven’t really seen in use before (but would be familiar to all you Iphone users out there) and also integrates the studio’s Twitter posts into the home page and the Outpost section. The Home page collects the Tweets from sector7g’s design account and is focused mainly on design and branding where as the Outpost section collects all the studio members individual Tweets and is therefore more irreverent and ‘lively’. Nic says he’s thinking about opening that section up to other people as well as a ‘friends of sector7g’ sort of thing. Future plans for the site include integrating posts from their Vimeo and Flickr accounts. It’s great to see a local design firm pushing the features and use of their site beyond just a place to view their portfolio (though there’s plenty of brilliant design work on design on display there as well) What I’ve always admired about sector7g’s work is their ability to turn something that may seem stodgy and uninspiring into beautiful and effective design solutions (see their work for Assist Finance, Core Energy and Systembuilt as great examples of carrying a design vision across a broad range of applications) Take some time to have a good look through the site for some inspiration.