Favourite Australian Album Covers 2009

It hasn’t been a great year either musically or for standout album cover designs. As the year draws to a close, lots of sites are beginning to list their best designs for 2009, here are some local releases whose designs really stood out to me over the last 12 months.

An Horse: Not Really Scared – Artwork Laith McGregor,
Design Celeste Potter

Leader Cheetah: The Sunspot Letters – Artwork Jeremy Piert

Little Birdy: Confetti – Cover Simon Ozolins

Mum Smokes: House Music – Artwork Mark Rodda

Phrase: Clockwork – Artwork The Fad Experiment

Lost Valentinos: Serio – Artwork Jonathan Zawada

Shady Lane: Here We Go Down The Black Hole
Artwork We Buy Your Kids

Crayon Fields: All The Pleasures Of The World – Artwork ?

Lisa Mitchell: Here Wonder – Artwork Mathematics

Fabulous Diamonds: 7 Songs – Cover Karl Scullin

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