Designers Who Are Better Than Me

As a break form the usual graphic designer profile, I present the wonderful work of potter Gerry Wedd. Gerry was one of my lecturers (briefly) in my first year at University, and as well as being one of the country’s best ceramicists, he is also well known for the graphics he produced for Australian fashion icon Mambo. Gerry is also the lead singer of one of my favourite Adelaide bands, The Artisans who produced one of the best local releases of the 80’s (featuring a fantastic album cover design by Gerry) ‘Love And Sleep’ which I would very much like to own on CD some day. I hear he’s a fairly good surfer as well. His blog Weddwould is a great place to view his amazing work and to read his musings upon art and surf culture. He also has a book on his work, ‘Thong Cycle’ available from Wakefield Press.