James Victore: Who Died And Made You Boss?

The keenly anticipated book by Facing Sideways interviewee James Victore, ‘Who Died And Made You Boss’ is finally out, it’s a ‘no-holds-barred take on his work, practice, business, and teaching of graphic design. Known for making vivid, memorable, and often controversial work, Victore has sought comrades, not clients—brave, smart collaborators who have encouraged him to reinterpret old design solutions and to pressure viewers to think about issues in a new way. Leading readers through this collection of “greatest hits,” Victore tells the stories behind his inspirations, his process, and the lessons learned. The result is an inspiring, funny, and honest book, which showcases a body of work that has been plastered on the streets of New York, hung at MoMA, and featured in magazines all over the world’. James is a helluva nice guy and passionate about what he does, it’s a really beautiful book, designed by like-minded comrade Paul Sahre with a foreward by ‘the smartest guy in graphic design’, Michael Bierut. I’m a bit over the whole designer ‘monograph’ thing, but this book is the exception, a really inspirational volume for designers who want to forge their own path. A steal at half the price here, where you can read my some what ‘arse-kissy’ review! (Hey, it’s a good book!)

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