Designers Who Are Better Than Me

It’s always cool to see expatriate South Australian designers doing well in their endeavours overseas. Such is the case with Marie Schultz, now residing in London, who continues to build upon her incredible portfolio with some very interesting and accomplished work indeed. Be sure to explore her extensive site featuring work she produced back in Adelaide as well as a range of design pieces done for some big names in the UK (mostly featured in her downloadable pdf folio). Also of note is her project Sibling Cities, a photographic project between her and her sister Cathy, the aim of which is to capture common visual links between the two on a weekly basis to a chosen theme. They post weekly diptychs exploring the contrasts of their lives between Adelaide and London. It’s a facinating and inspiring project that has recently received accolades from the Australian Graphic Design Association and an admiring Facebook community. As the ladies say, check it out and share the love.