Designers Who Are Better Than Me

I’m a big fan of illustration, but really good illustrators seem to be few and far between in Adelaide. One of the best illustrators/designers of local note is Chris Edser, I seem to see his work all over the place. I really like the fact that he seems to work in so many styles that it isn’t always immediately apparent that it is his work. He was co-creator of my favourite AGDA Awards posters of a few years back , along with designer Sam Barratt, cohorts with Yianni Hill in the collective Screamdance, I love the sense of whimsy and humour in the work and the way he uses it across various mediums and applications, from band posters to animation, children’s books to shop interiors, even the sides of a tram. He updates his website with lots of cool stuff to look at, recently a fantastic hand drawn proportioned map of his garden in the suburbs of Adelaide. I only wish I could draw so good.