Sticks & Stones

I’m really loving this typographic mural on the Morphett Street Bridge in Adelaide produced by local artists Chris Edser ,Tristan Kerr, Ankles  and USA artist Above. The project was organised by Josh Fanning of Maga Zine Gallery, together with  ArtsSA and the Adelaide City Council who brought Above to Adelaide to mentor the project. From Chris’ site: ‘The challenges included a rough stone encrusted surface to work on, the sheer size of the piece and Above actually breaking a bone early in the project. Our message reflects these challenges and the mural also happens to be the site of the first ever school in Adelaide and opposite a  church, so the positive message of words saving could be interpreted positively in many ways relative to the site and personal opinions of the viewer’. My favourite part is probably the ‘Sticks’ typography, constructed from different bits and pieces. Hopefully we’ll see more of this type of project brightening up the nooks and crannies of Adelaide. You can see a video of the whole wall here.