6 thoughts on “Adelaide Festival of Arts Posters 1960-2012

  1. Dan

    Awesome collection, nice one.

    Friend of mine pointed out the similarities between 2012’s and 1972’s posters, in terms of form and colour. I wonder if there was any influence?

  2. Fiona

    George wrote: “Great to see them all together , 1998 is not the correct poster , it’s part of a postcard set , the real poster was withdrawn , too controversial for the city of churches . The director that year was Robyn Archer and the poster was designed here in Canberra by MA@D communication

  3. nexuscb Post author

    Thanks Fiona, I remember the ‘controversy’ now, I’ve replaced it with a fuller image representation, I can’t remember if this was the original poster or one that was re-jigged following the complaints. I wondered about whether there was any influence from the 1972 poster to next years as well Dan, but looking at them both together again I’m not sure there is any particular link other than at most a tenuous one

  4. Adelaide Festival

    We are loving this blog post! Whilst we do have a soft spot for the 1972 poster and it does hang in our boardroom along with other Adelaide Festival posters, it did not explicitly influence our current poster design. They do make a very handsome couple.

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