Monthly Archives: December 2012


I’ve been remiss in not featuring old work buddy Chris Cooper along with business partner George Randle’s new studio venture, Band. The above piece of work has been making the rounds of various design blogs for the last few months, and there are some absolutely brilliant pieces featured on the site, the designs for Cuckoo and Heart & Soul being particular favourites. I’m hoping to have a little chat with the guys in the new year to feature here on Facing Sideways, but in the meantime, go check out some of the stuff the guys have been working on.


Prana Studios have just updated their website with a new look and some new stylish work. There is a lot to like here, including some fantastic illustration and identity pieces and a lovely concise inspiration wall, it’s always nice to see what inspires other designers in their daily work. Also keep an eye out for this years Prana Print series of hand illustrated black and white design to purchase for the holiday season, a nice personal gift for the appreciator of fine print work in your life.