Designers Who Are Better Than Me


I have been waiting eagerly for a while for this to finally go live, but Shadia Design’s website has just been launched as of Valentine’s day. Shadia Ohanessian was one of the first professional graphic designers I got to know in Adelaide, she let me help her out with some work for Amnesty International when I was still at University, if she had offered me a full-time job I would have taken it like a shot, I still would! 🙂 There is a lot to like about Shadia’s work, personally I admire the fact that she has followed her own unique path in design for 27 years and has never been a follower of specific design trends, her work doesn’t look like anything else other than her own unique tastes and sensibilities. She’s also not afraid of colour, it literally ‘bursts’ out of whatever she has designed, playful and stylish, but never overdone, in a manner where a lot of us might fear to tread. It’s hard to pick out a particularly favourite project from all of the work she has on her site, but if I was forced to, I would have to pick the design work for No Strings attached Theatre. It incorporates all the elements I love in her work as mentioned before, but also treats a sensitive subject matter with the respect and insight it deserves in an overall beautifully designed packaged. Kudos also for designing a unique and engaging website to display her work with.

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