Designers Who Are Better Than Me


When I was in my final year of University, we had three of Adelaide’s top designers come to talk to us about their respective businesses. I remember being really impressed with Brenton Murray who I guess had been running his firm for just over 5 years or so at that point – it seem to have a very genuine and passionate attitude to his work and I particularly liked the emphasis on illustration he had on a lot of the pieces he demonstrated. Now 28 years strong, Brenton Murray Design is now BMD Brands operating out of offices in both Adelaide and Burleigh Heads Queensland. He’s still producing exceptional work and has built a fantastic team of designers around him including Nerissa Douglas (an excellent illustrator as well as designer), Steve Balmer and Katie Pelosi,
as well as Brenton’s son Ben. It’s an interesting browse through their logo gallery to see how many iconic local and national brands they have worked on, including San Remo Pasta, Bremerton Wines, Crowies Paints and The Adelaide City Council to name a few. To have been around so long is quite an accomplishment in this city, BMD Brands are obviously (and demonstrably) doing something right.