Monday Links

The business value of typography, 14-year-old Suvir Mirchandani has discovered how the US Government could save $400 million a year by changing their typeface choice. I wonder if I could persuade the local newspapers?

Milton Glaser critiques modern beer art, no word on what he thinks of the beer therein though.

“What I Eat: Around The World In 80 Diets” Shows Stunning Portraits Of Daily Meals.

This List Proves You’re Never Too Old To Do Something Amazing, I never knew Neil Armstrong was that old when he stepped on the moon.

Erik Spiekermann asks: Do designers really need millions of colors?

Edward Boches: Creativity is the new currency.

4CP | Four Color Process, a blog dedicated to the wonderful halftone screen textures found in tiny areas of vintage comic books.

5 ways to turn an unproductive day around

This new packaging for Brauer by Black Squid really impressed me when I ran across them at the chemist recently. The ‘Squid also have some more new work up on their site since I last looked.

Xtra Shiny have their website up, and while there’s not too many projects on show at the moment, the work that is up is of an incredibly high standard across a range of different mediums and is beautifully presented.