Adelaide Design Firms Update

There’s been a few updates on some of my favourite Adelaide design firms sites.

BbqgpQYCMAEe_bbRodeo are one of the ‘quiet achievers’ of the Adelaide design scene and have updated their site with a lot of great new work since I last had a look. It seems when ever I pick up a piece of great looking local design and ponder who created it, it inevitably turns out to be these guys!


Old work buddy Chris Cooper, one half of Adelaide studio Band, have had a website refresh featuring lots of great new pieces. Their work is starting to get a lot of attention around the place, often turning up on your favourite design blog or pinterest page.


Drew Joyce of Working Images is a clever guy and great designer which really shows through in the recent work updates to his site. I really love the stuff he has produced for The University of Adelaide (above) and there is plenty more thougthful design solutions to be found in his folio.


IMG_0605_1024_72_1024Cul-de-sac look as though they have been busy as well, a couple of updates to their folio since I last looked, great colour palette in this identity for Gin & Tonic,