Designers Who Are Better Than Me




Difficult as it is in our daily lives as designers to come up with unique and appropriate designs for clients, most would agree perhaps the hardest design job of all is creating and designing for yourself. Cornershop, formerly known as Sage, has not only taken on the challenge of redesigning their identity, but have also gone through the process of re-naming their business and realigning their values and approach.

It’s a beautiful and appropriate result. The design really emphasises ‘the boutique’ nature of working as an Adelaide design studio (pretty much all of Adelaide’s studios are small 1-10 person businesses, with a lot of studios working for wine clients and small businesses). The cards definitely hit their mark of an ‘old-timey’, ‘old fashioned values’ feel, and the print details including the use of gold foil and painted edges are an assurance to clients of professionalism and high quality. There’s a lot of character on display here as well, the photos and copy let you know that you are dealing with real people with unique character and not just someone producing cookie cutter solutions. The great thing also is that they haven’t taken it too far down the road to become kitschy, the design manages to juggle a vintage look with some remarkable modern touches, none more so than the neon sign like logotype which is a beautiful piece of typography in itself. They are definitely business cards you would want to hold onto, I like to think that there’s actually a neon sign of the logotype hanging on the studio wall or in a window, and that Damian is still sporting that ‘cookie duster’ in the photo.

Check out some more great work from Cornershop on their site.