Monday Load of Links

With 2018 upon us, it’s time for me to rise from my pit of self-imposed ennui and into the light of a brand new year and a brand new lot of design links to engage you with!

Does your design suck? Well it won’t get any better if you don’t stop picking at it and don’t keep these five things in mind.

I’ve almost finished compiling my list of my favourite Australian album covers of 2017, in the meantime, why not check out The Creative Review’s rundown of their favourite 2017 album covers from all over the place and the best music videos of the year as well.

And while we’re on 2017 best of lists, here’s Literary Hub’s 64 best book covers of 2017.

2017 is dead, long live 2018! Here’s a list of design trends that need to die along with it.

Why do we keep thinking we’re seeing sexual anatomy in logos? Is this really a problem?

2017 was often a frustrating year for me – so good advice to tackle 2018 with is greatly appreciated!

Another great interview from The Great Discontent. Gary Taxali was one of the first illustrators/designers I really took notice of when I was studying. It’s great to see he’s still round and still producing great work.

The New York Times is one of the great bastions of editorial illustration. With the various goings on in the US at the moment, the year was a particularly strong one for their use of various innovative spot illustrative elements. Here’s a really great rundown of some of the best pieces produced through 2017.

Print magazine is shutting up shop – on its print edition at any rate. I’ll really miss their young creatives overview and their regional design annual.

But don’t despair! It looks like printed magazine of many varied sorts will still continue to go strong in 2018. Here are some predictions on what forms they may take.