The Weather Maker

Over the years I’ve covered a lot of South Australian design firms and designers, I’ve always thought it is important to promote and recognise the creativity of local talent, especially considering the level of quality, for a small population we certainly punch above our weight. That level of creativity is matched by the various companies that contribute to the conception of the final product. I’m talking about the printers, the photographers, the digital producers and the sign makers who help turn designs into reality, so I’d like to start promoting covering some of SA’s finest manufacturers and producers as well, companies and individuals that have been behind the designs so to speak.

First cab of the rank is someone many local creatives will be familiar with for his fine craftsmanship over the years, David Sherwell, proprietor of signage company The Weather Maker (great company name as well!)

David has over 15 years experience providing commercial and architectural signage, wide format print and environmental graphic implementations. After successfully founding and operating Jack Rabbit Imaging for 10 years he continues his passion for sign and print through The Weather Maker. The Weather Maker provides sign, print & environmental graphic solutions for architectural, commercial and creative agencies.

The companies tagline ‘Changing the way we see the world’, is reflective of the companies consultative approach and commitment to supporting local architectural, commercial and creative industries. The Weather Maker uses this consultative approach to specify, proof, construct and install innovative sign solutions. Using the latest technology coupled with in-house production methods enables The Weather Maker to deliver timely sign projects of a superior quality.

David remains passionate about managing and constructing commercial and architectural signage projects. He continually gets a kick from seeing sign and display projects across Adelaide that make a tangible market on this city. He also happens to be a really nice guy with a real commitment to quality, so you can be pretty confident that your designs are in safe hands. Check out some of his completed projects below and at