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Designers Who Are Better Than Me


I’m a big fan of South Australian design firms that locate themselves outside the environs on the city and suburbs, actually it’s more probably the case that I’m jealous of designers who are able to practice their craft outside the city limits. I first came across Brady & Co Creative through my Instagram account, though I’ve been noticing and admiring their work for a little while longer without knowing who produced it. Erica Brady and Kim Jericho design mostly for the wine industry as you would imagine from a design firm that makes their home in the Barossa Valley. Lots of great label design (such as pictured above) on their site and very civilised working hours as well.

Designers Who Are Better Than Me


Toolbox, those purveyors of great design and awesome studio environs have updated their website with a new look and of course, lots of really nice design work. With an enviable client list and a sideline in gin production – proprietor Adam and his team are keeping busy and producing the goods. And seriously, you really need to try their gin if you have the means, you will not be disappointed (great label design as well, obviously).

Designers Who Are Better Than Me


Frank Aloi is a designer who has been working around the traps for a little while now, and is doing some excellent work, particularly in the field of packaging and identity design. He’s updated his site with a new look and some beautiful new work since I last had a look, so now is as good a time as any to give him a shout-out and encourage you to take a gander at some very inspiring design pieces.

Cornershop Looking For Mid-Level Designer


One of Adelaide’s very best design establishments is looking for a mid-level designer. Damian at Cornershop has an amazing pedigree of excellent design work and is a consummate gentleman and creative tour de force. This is one of those once in a blue moon opportunities to work for a studio that is genuinely forward looking, award winning and boundary pushing. It also has the added bonus of also sharing your surrounds at Cornershop with those other tenants that form the ‘quantum of awesomeness’ on East Terrace, Adelaide, design mavens Mash, Working Images and sector7g. Living interstate? This is definitely a job worth moving south for! Check out the details here if you think you can make the grade.

Seen & Liked



I’m loving the understated beauty of this design for 36 Short, which is a type of Balkan spirit called Rakia. It is designed by the guys at Studio Band and I spoke to Creative Director Chris Cooper, about what went into the creation of the label design:

“We were approached by two brothers, Jon and Con Lioulios. The brothers were extremely passionate about taking their late fathers Rakia recipe, that had been passed down through their family for generations, from a tiny non commercial still operating in their shed to a brand and product that introduced the widely unknown spirit to the rapidly growing boutique, small batch spirits industry. After several weeks of research we wanted to develop a brand that removed itself from tradition and convention to allow the product to become more palatable and engaging to a relatively broad audience. Being that 36 Short was somewhat of a contemporary take on an age old recipe we felt it was extremely important to create a brand that reflected that, we wanted to avoid the trap of creating a brand that looked like it was designed for a different era, it needed to be honest. 36 Short is currently being launched to the public with huge interest, not only locally but also nationally and it is quickly becoming a stand out product within a highly competitive market.

So mission accomplished! And for all you type nerds out there, the sans font used is
Walsheim Bold from Grilli Type and the monotype font on the front and back label is Apercu Mono from Colophon, both excellent type foundaries. Studio Band are about to launch an update to their website, so keep an eye out for that in the not too distant future (in the meantime, there’s already some great work to look at on their current site). And if you want more information on 36 Short itself, there will me an extensive post on the product and producers on The Source, Adelaide food and wine website in the next day or so.

Designers Who Are Better Than Me


In the tradition of great local designers with the first name ‘Chris’ we have Chris Harris and his wonderful design studio, Draw. It looks like Draw have recently moved based to the oh so trendy environs of Peel Street in the city, so what better time to draw (sic) your attention to the fine work that is being produced therein. Above is one of my favourite design pieces of the last year or so for Ponder Posy, which was a finalist in the AGDA design awards last year (though as I mentioned in my post on said awards, in my humble opinion it should have scored a bit higher). There’s lots of other great work to peruse on their site, so go and take a look and be duly impressed as I was.

Designers Who Are better Than Me


Another inclusion into the plethora of great Adelaide graphic design practitioners comes in the form of local lads (three brothers in fact) Frame Creative. There’s lots to love on show on their website with some particularly beautiful typography treatments for starters (I’m a big fan of on that Birdcage logotype above) and some very attractive indeed website and online solutions to boot. I’m particularly interested in seeing their publication ‘Krass’ which I’ve just ordered a copy of, it looks pretty fab from what I’ve seen and I’m a sucker for any locally made publication. I look forward to seeing more updates on their site in the future.

Designers Who Are Better Than Me




Difficult as it is in our daily lives as designers to come up with unique and appropriate designs for clients, most would agree perhaps the hardest design job of all is creating and designing for yourself. Cornershop, formerly known as Sage, has not only taken on the challenge of redesigning their identity, but have also gone through the process of re-naming their business and realigning their values and approach.

It’s a beautiful and appropriate result. The design really emphasises ‘the boutique’ nature of working as an Adelaide design studio (pretty much all of Adelaide’s studios are small 1-10 person businesses, with a lot of studios working for wine clients and small businesses). The cards definitely hit their mark of an ‘old-timey’, ‘old fashioned values’ feel, and the print details including the use of gold foil and painted edges are an assurance to clients of professionalism and high quality. There’s a lot of character on display here as well, the photos and copy let you know that you are dealing with real people with unique character and not just someone producing cookie cutter solutions. The great thing also is that they haven’t taken it too far down the road to become kitschy, the design manages to juggle a vintage look with some remarkable modern touches, none more so than the neon sign like logotype which is a beautiful piece of typography in itself. They are definitely business cards you would want to hold onto, I like to think that there’s actually a neon sign of the logotype hanging on the studio wall or in a window, and that Damian is still sporting that ‘cookie duster’ in the photo.

Check out some more great work from Cornershop on their site.

Adelaide Design Firms Update

There’s been a few updates on some of my favourite Adelaide design firms sites.

BbqgpQYCMAEe_bbRodeo are one of the ‘quiet achievers’ of the Adelaide design scene and have updated their site with a lot of great new work since I last had a look. It seems when ever I pick up a piece of great looking local design and ponder who created it, it inevitably turns out to be these guys!


Old work buddy Chris Cooper, one half of Adelaide studio Band, have had a website refresh featuring lots of great new pieces. Their work is starting to get a lot of attention around the place, often turning up on your favourite design blog or pinterest page.


Drew Joyce of Working Images is a clever guy and great designer which really shows through in the recent work updates to his site. I really love the stuff he has produced for The University of Adelaide (above) and there is plenty more thougthful design solutions to be found in his folio.


IMG_0605_1024_72_1024Cul-de-sac look as though they have been busy as well, a couple of updates to their folio since I last looked, great colour palette in this identity for Gin & Tonic,