In Wild Air in a weekly subscription newsletter from ever industrious friend of mine Heath Killen. Each edition features six interesting things selected by an interesting guest, and believe me, Heath knows some really interesting and and creative people who contribute every week. Running the gamut from photographer Ingrid Weir and her love of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch detective series of books to environmental scientist Cameron Webb discussing his childhood love of classic Kenner Star Wars action figures, it’s a great insight into what drives and inspires these fascinating individuals. Arriving in your ‘inbox’ on a Monday morning, it’s the perfect panacea to the back at work blues. Heath is one of the most passionate advocates for Australian design and creativity that I know, and is always producing something worth paying close attention to, this may be his best project yet. Subscribe now and be sure to catch up on the previous weeks entries for a quick dose of inspiration!

This email correspondence has been making the rounds of the internets for a while now, and even though the actual veracity of the piece has been called into question, most of us have probably been in a similar situation and wished we could have responded so ‘eloquently’. As a pure piece of satire on the often difficult designer’client process, it is brilliant, make sure to read through some of the other pieces on his site as well.

Re:collection is an inventory of Australian graphic design produced in a period circa 1960–1980, that has been set up by Dominic Hofstede of Melbourne design firm Hofstede.The project was borne out of frustration at the lack of Australian graphic design reference material available, specifically from the decades mentioned above. While there’s not much up on the site yet, the samples that are there so far are excellent and will obviously grow, as there is a wealth of material to mine. Surely the time has come for a printed compendium as such work to be published? The above example is by Brian Sadgrove.

One of my favourite designers, JP Williams of MW Design has started a blog to dcument what he describes as his ‘manic collecting’ at Amassblog. His collections are varied but generally have to do with typography or design. With the blog he is endeavoring to find what’s special in the mundane and highlight what makes it so to him. Having visited JP on a couple of occassions at his New York studio, and been fortunate enough to look through some of his amazing collection, I’m looking forward to reading about it in his own words, and would urge anyone who has an interest in the history of graphic design to pay a visit. JP is also one of the most impeccable graphic designers you will come across and a visit to his studio MW’s website is also well worth your time. You can read the interview I did with JP Williams at his studio in 2007 here.

AGDA are about to launch a much needed website refresh, you can see the ‘just about ready to relauch’ site here. In other AGDA news, looks like the AGDA Awards are set to be hosted in little old Adelaide this year, might even be worth me considering joing up again.