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Monday Load of Links

I am crazy obsessed with the African wild cat, the caracal. maybe it’s because just like them, I am an agile and fierce predator – of design links that is! I slap down a few of my own below.

Why are some people just more creative than others? I was kicked in the head by a pony when I was young, but I’m sure that can’t be the case for all of us.

This kids book on minimalism by the awesome Creative Director at Toko, Eva Dijkstra, is a thing of beauty indeed – great promotional site as well.

We don’t hear a hell of a lot about the design scene in India, but this short interview with graphic and typeface designer Shiva Nallaperumal, has me interested in learning a lot more.

Every design project I have worked on is tinged with a little regret over what I may have done differently, so it’s nice to know that in some respects this is a universal trait! 

Wrestling from the 1970s seems like a really weird platform for modern day design inspiration, but you have to admit these old posters are a hipsters dream.

Does true originality stem from just a hint of madness? Or maybe it’s even more than just a hint.

Living the dream, and travelling the world. Is the life of a digital nomad just too good to be true, is it wrong of me to hate them regardless?

So it’s okay to copy now – have at it then!

As the year is ramping up (it’s March this week) it’s handy to have some tips on how to handle having too much to do.

Brisbane has always had a pretty awesome music scene, and along with it an interesting history of gig poster design.

It’s too late for me, but maybe this can be of benefit to any of you younger folk.

Whoops, too late for me again.

Is brutalism the next big thing in graphic design – or have we missed that boat already?