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Separated at Birth?

Can anyone explain to me why these posters for the Adelaide Film Festival (first) and The Durban Film Festival (second) are so similar? Not pointing the finger at anyone, but they are both really similar to each other – not just from an idea standpoint but stylistically similar as well, they could all have been produced during the same photo shoot. They both must have been produced at around the same time, was there some ‘consensus of vision’ as far as the promotional material for both events? I tend to think not because of the difference in how the typography is handled. There were more in the series for the Adelaide event, but these two presented here were they only ones I could find online, sorry about the quality of the ‘set of 3’ below for the Durban event, I took a screen grap from a pdf giving a sneak peak of a book soon to be released by Durban design firm Disturbance. I seem to remember there being an Adelaide one similar to the Durban ‘hair salon’ one as well. Maybe it’s just a case of the collective zeitgeist clashing in the same idea at the same moment – you don’t know how long I’e been waiting to use the word zeitgeist in one of my posts! Regardless, they have both ‘borrowed’ heavily from avante-garde music and visual art group The Residents, though clarification on the matter would be appreciated.


Monica from the Durban Film Festival was kind enough to reply and shed some light from their perspective on the whole scenario – seems it is just a case of synchronisity at work! She does raise a good point about where I sourced the images though, and if you’re interested at seeing more of the Durban Eyeball guy, go to their site here to check it out.